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looking out from within

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My girly

I'm pretty sure Friday is my clone. Lucky girl. :P
When I was little, I though a baby picture of my mom hung on my Nana's wall was me. It looked EXACTLY like all my baby pictures. When I look at my girl, I see me as a baby. With Luke, there are times when I see me, and there are times when I see Matt. But I tell you internet, there is no Matt in Friday.

She is three months. HOLY CRAP I can't believe I let time pass.
By 6 weeks, she was in 3 month size clothes and outgrew those by 10 weeks. She's growing so much faster than Luke did but nurses a lot less than he did. She's easily satisfied, she doesn't like to comfort nurse so much. A snuggle is all she needs usually. Most of the time she won't even need to nurse to sleep. So I suppose she's either really efficient at drinking milk or has figured out how to nurse telepathically.
As much as I miss my squishy sweet new born, I am SO excited to see the girl she's growing into. I'm enjoying interacting with her different personality. I find the differences between her and Luke fascinating. She rarely cries, and when she does, she calms down easily. She's easy to read. Maybe that's just because I have the experience of Hurricane Luke.

I think the only time she really freaks out is in the car. And that's new. She used to fall asleep immediately when we'd put her in her seat. Now she screams hysterically the whole time. I feel terrible because that's just not normal for her.

She's been grabbing things lately. The other day I caught her gnawing on ghost poop (a packing peanut) that I had to then pry from her fists. Another time it was laundry lint!
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I'm really enjoying her, this sweet little bundle to snuggle and love. But I can't wait until she can run around too and do all the things Luke can do.

Apr. 10th, 2010

There was a baby bird on our patio this afternoon. Luke was super excited about it. His favorite book right now is P.D. Eastman's "Are You My Mother?" so he was going on about how its mother went to go get food. He wanted to feed it some yard clippings but I said I wasn't sure if it's mom would approve and that we should just wait for her return.

Matt wanted to help it, I think. But I told him we should just leave it for it's mother. And if the mother doesn't come back then she had probably kicked it out of the nest for a reason. :\

It's not there anymore so either it has moved or a hoodlum kitty got to it.
I hope Luke doesn't find it dead. Death isn't really something we try to shelter him from. He understands it in a simple way; it means something doesn't work anymore, like when the batteries run down on the remote. He knows it's a sad thing. But it was so sweet how he related this event to his book and I just want him to have that joy.

Luke Love

I need to make a Friday post. She amazes me and I can't believe she's already 12 weeks and has grown so much. I miss the fresh baked newborn goodness, but at the same time I can't wait for her to walk and talk.

painting my thumb green

When we bought our house, we had big plans for it. The majority of those plans have been put on hold due to things like lack of funds, time, and energy.
One of those plans was to have a vegetable garden, and an overall enjoyable yard.
The outdoor part was a major confidence killer for me. I've never had to maintain an entire yard of my own before. Plus there's my little Black Thumb of Death issue. I kill cacti. They crisp up and turn to dust if I look at them. :(

Now that I'm pulling myself out of this depression crap (and trying to find ways to STAY out) I'm ready to give gardening a go! I think it's really important and healthy for my family to be surrounded by plant life. Gardening can also be a learning experience for the children.

We made up plans to xeriscape the front yard (lots of desert friendly plants, some mulch, with a little itty bitty lawn). I'm soooo excited about. Sunset magazine has provided a lot of inspiration.

But I am so intimidated, overwhelmed. Where do I start? What do I start with?
I've got some books on hold at the library. I need Gardening Basics 101. I figure it would be best to start with potted plants the turn myself loose on the yard.. But which plants to start with?

We also want to start composting, but that seems overwhelming too. eek.
I am having a little breakdown, but of the good kind. I need to get this down for my memory.

We have been having some major issues with Luke since we've had Friday.

Before this life shuffle, I remember talking to Matt about Luke's intense temperament and saying "He is such a blessing." I would often say this to myself as well, and it was in all seriousness. And that is what I need to remember right now: He is such a blessing.

When we discuss school, I always emphasize that I don't think that public school is for him. For one, he can't sit still. I think it may actually be painful for him to be still. For him, learning is more of a doing thing. It's an action. Emphasis on ACTION. And that does not fly in traditional school.
Luke would not fit in. He would be the "troublemaker." We'd get called in for meetings with the principal all the time.

He does not fit in to a lot of expectations. And that's where I saw the blessing. He is so intense and sure he may need help learning to direct that energy, but I know with the right guidance, he will use it to his advantage.
I feel really strongly about this because I had a hard time in school. Everyone gave up on me, and I gave up on them - putting in only enough effort to pass with a D average since the 5th grade. It was extremely frustrating because I really did want to learn. I CANNOT let Luke go through that.

Tonight I was reading about Jonathan Mooney. He had severe troubles in school, put on the short bus because he couldn't sit still. He was the kind of kid that people would look at and think they were hopeless. I'm sure even his parents did.
He went on to graduate from Brown University with honors, and is living a successful life.

When I was reading about this man, it hit me. I remembered. LUKE IS A BLESSING. Everyone thinks he's such a brat because he doesn't like to sit still and watch TV, he'd rather BE the entertainment. That doesn't make him a brat. He just isn't what people want from a child - seen but not heard.
Yes he's frustrating. And of course he still needs to learn some discipline. But he is amazing. My Luke is so awesome, and my heart breaks for him because I know life is going to be a struggle for him, but I am going to back him up through his journey.
I love my little Luke.
Heeeeey kids!
How long has it been since I updated? A long time? yeah...a long time.

First, thank you Amanda (kaikea for the little snowflake cookie V-Gift!

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! 33 DAYS TO GO? WHAT?! This is my second baby so you think I'd be more relaxed about this, right? Yet here I am, in a nesting PANIC.
here, I'll give you some pictures.Collapse )

There's much more, I'm sure. But I really need to get working on Christmas gift and baby preparations. OH and school is almost over for the semester. I have to work on my textiles swatch book! AHHHHHH! THE PANIC NEVER CEASES.


I had a naked dream last night. I've never had one before. You know those dreams when you have to go to school, work, or just be around a lot of people and suddenly you're naked and OH NO THIS IS THE WORST DREAM EVAR. That.
Only in my dream I wasn't ashamed. I was working it like it was the best thing. I even walked by a mirror and stopped to check myself out! Everyone I've ever met was in my dream and every physical flaw I have was uncovered for them to see. AND I WAS OK WITH IT.

Dreams are a place where you can be what you're not.


I'm selling some plugs. Just a few in 00g (10mm) and a couple 1/2". I will gladly take offers if you don't like the price.
I have a few smaller gauge plugs I'll post later if anyone is interested. Some of you are stretching, what size are you at? I might have something for you. :)
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Poll #1467446 You have no idea what I am asking of you...

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Are you excited about the Where the Wild Things Are movie?


When I was little I dreaded that book. I thought it was the most boring piece of literature ever written. Just seeing it on the shelf made me yawn 'till I was blue.
I still think it's boring. The film does look more exciting, but I just can't get interested in it.